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  1. Q: What is the difference between Jeeves and other dry cleaners and why are you so expensive?
    A  The water that we use has been processed by high technology system so that it is drinkable and safe for any clothes materials. Also we have hydro carbon cleaning, UV machine for goose down, and really attention to details in our process. Our employees also have been trained throughout Europe, Asia and US. Jeeves use the machine with high technology made in Germany and our cleaning materials which are imported also from Germany with high quality products .
  2. Q: Why does it take a three days period to process?
    A:  Because we really pay attention to details, every item has been through six quality controls. If the clothes or items still have a small stain, it will go through again from the beginning of the process. Also special beads, buttons and others will be removed before the process and will be attached again after it.
  3. Q: Can Jeeves make clothes become long lasting?
    A: Yes, because we use high quality water that has been filtered from zinc and other minerals that may cause damage to your clothes. Our Dry Clean machine distilled the chemical, so the chemical become clean every cycle. Also with the best cleaning materials from Germany, will make your clothes become long lasting.