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Silk “The Legendary and The Most Elegant Natural Fabric’s”

Silk has been known to man for approx. 5000 years.

It’s discovery is attributed to Xiling Wife of the Chinese Emperor Huang-Di.This is how the story of one of the most elegant natural fabric’s success got started. Silk came from China to Persia, Korea and Japan. Up until 13th century silk was only available as an oriental import and only very wealthy people could afford it. In Europe, southern Italy, while under Norman’s rule became an important center for breeding silkworms and spinning silk.

For long time Italy remained the leading silk country in Europe until France expanded its silk weaving in the middle of the 17th century and surpassed Italy. Nowadays, India, China, Japan, Brazil and Thailand are the world’s biggest producers of silk. Compare to the world’s total fiber productions, silk fibers only make up for under 1%. There are several kind of silk such as: Filament Silk, Coarse Silk, Silk of Mulberry Silkworm and more.

Proper care will insure that all Silk products will last for years without losing their quality. A few important rules need to be observed as silk is a natural fiber cannot be treated a synthetic fiber in order to clean it.

Here some special attention for caring your Silk products:

–          Never spray Silk with perfume or deodorant

–          Never bleach Silk

–          Never expose Silk to direct sunlight for longer period of time

–          Don’t spray Silk with water while ironing

–          Don’t treat individual stain with water

–          Always iron the backside only

–          Never wring dry

In Jeeves, that legendary and the most elegant natural fabric’s is treated well and very gentle, to make sure the quality of Silk remains beautiful. Our knowledge and experience about Silk will ensure the long lasting brightness and colour.

(JEEVES Central Processing Unit-Jakarta Indonesia)