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Shirt Laundering

Simply the finest service available, re-wash inspection, grading and treatment is followed by meticulous hand finishing. Shirts are returned as good as new, beautifully folded or packed on hangers.
JEEVES is famous with the end result of white shirt processing, where the shirt is getting whiter and brighter because of the quality of purified water used in the process is equal to mineral water. Make your clothes cleaner, long life and tremendously  brighter.

We offer three ways to finish dress shirts and blouses beginning with our Traditional Shirt Laundry, stepping up to our JEEVES Specialty service and the ultimate is through our Dry Cleaning Service.

The basic cleaning process is the same for all JEEVES Shirt Laundry ways:

  • Each shirt is pretreated for soil or stains as needed, with particular attention to collar soil.
  • Not more than 15 shirts are cleaned at a time, and
  • Shirts are categorized for temperature and starch.

Finishing is the primary difference between our first two service levels (Traditional and Speciality Services). The Traditional Shirt Laundry Service completes the shirt by hand pressing with a shirt laundry press. The Speciality Services, pre-finishes the shirt on the shirt laundry press then completes the shirt finishing entirely by hand with an iron. Placket and seam finishing is superior with JEEVES Shirt Laundry Service.

For the finest shirt service, consider our Fashion Cleaning Service. We utilize all the experience and facilities of our Fashion Cleaning Department, including:

  • Unsurpassed stain removal
  • Detailed cleaning, which includes individual soaking when required
  • Complete hand finishing with low temperature dry cleaning presses and irons
  • Highly recommended for dark colored, high end or couture shirts.

Our Fashion Cleaning Service is truly the finest shirt processing available.

JEEVES owns its own high quality imported soaps and detergents from Germany, we use in our shirt laundry processes. Their ability to clean difficult collars and cuffs, as well as brightness retention, is noticeably better than standard soaps and detergents. In addition, only filtered soft water is used throughout our laundry services.

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