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Repair & Alterations

Prolong the life of your clothes and take advantage of our excellent repair service. Our tailors offer a wide range of repairs and alterations and the finest reweaving service. This extra service is presented for your satisfaction.
Your special clothes got torn when being worn? Just bring it to us to be cleaned and processed, and you’ll find Jeeves miracle.

We Repair, Restore, and Preserve

A textile or apparel which has been damaged due to tearing, soil pollution, stains, mildew or moth infestation can be cleaned and repaired. The remedy is to renew and refresh the item by reconstruction with stitchery. Repair will improve the article. This can include personalized fitting.

A wide variety of fabrics or textiles can be restored by returning it to its prior condition. This means to renovate or readjust the item to its normal condition, which includes cleaning and repair. Usually the article is not changed in any manner.

A textile or apparel article can be kept safe from continued damage. To preserve is to keep the item in its unaltered condition by removing contaminates and storing it in a totally acid free environment. Preservation is the maintenance to prolong the life of the article.


BED COVERINGS consist of quilts, bedspreads, coverlets, blankets, sheets, pillows and trims. These can be successfully cleaned, repaired and/or restored.

CLOTHING AND COSTUMES such as Christening outfit, heirloom gowns or suits, prom dresses, etc., will be examined for restoration. Fabrics, laces or trims will be selected to match the original so that the item will retain the look as unchanged.

LINENS such as table clothes, dresser scarf’s, shawls, pillows and other flat goods can be restored and preserved. Hand needle repair will fill in holes, tears or similar damage. Color of threads or yarns is carefully matched.

NEEDLE ARTS include any type of hand stitched articles such as a tapestry, sampler, needlepoint and embroidery. Following the cleaning process the original yarn or thread colors are matched to repair. Many of these articles can be mounted for shadow box and/or framing.

DOLLS, LACES, BEADWORK which are contemporary or vintage can be cleaned and restored. The item is evaluated and the owner is advised of the method and procedures used to restore the item.

ESTIMATES AND SCHEDULES are provided. An anticipated turn around time is usually six to eight weeks. Consultations are provided by telephone, e-mail and written agreement. Costs will vary to the type of service provided

ALTERATIONS Members of the staff can modify and/or fit any garment to your figure. Slacks, jackets, skirts, dresses, party gowns, and suits are altered to fit. Turn around time is one week to ten days. RUSH orders are facilitated when possible.

WEDDING ATTIRE Contemporary or new gown can be hemmed, fitted, bustled and pressed, or other specialty. After the wedding a gown can be preserved in an acid free environment.

VINTAGE GOWNS are cleaned, restored, restyled, and fitted to the bride. A gown can be made larger or smaller with exact matching fabric used for restoration.

SPECIAL OCCASION OUTFITS All types of special party gowns, prom dresses or Brides Maid Gowns can be fitted, hemmed and pressed. This service includes beadwork, lace, metallic accent and other trimmings on the garment.

TAILORING is not a lost art, it is a matter of good fit. A skilled tailor can alter any garment to fit your figure. Repairs are done with fine handwork or exact machine stitch. Sewtique has a rare find in Tony the Tailor with more than 13 years at the studio.

LEATHER APPAREL Sewtique’s expert tailor can personalize alterations for each individual. Jackets, slacks, skirts, vests, and chaps can be altered, relined, zipper replaced and assorted services are available.

HEIRLOOMS Almost any type of textile can be cleaned and restored. This includes tablecloths, bedspreads, tapestries, samplers, flags, Baptismal outfits, blankets, quilts, coverlets, hooked rugs, embroidery, and the list goes on. Ask about your individual needs.

Repairing damaged old clothing can feel like a very old fashioned thing to do. However, it really can make your clothes and shoes last longer. If you opt for good quality clothes that you genuinely love in the first place, you’ll be more inclined to make do and mend than if you are a bit lack lustre about the clothes in the first place.

If you don’t already know how the basics it pays to grasp including replacing a button (pretty much anyone can do this), replacing a zip, and taking up and letting down hems.

More complicated repairs which can still be done at home with some skill or skilled help include patching or stitching a tear, replacing lining and taking clothing in to make it smaller.

Customization of fit and style – Our specialty is to customize the design and fit of your ‘special-order’ gown so you get the gown of your dreams with the minimum of alterations.  Whenever possible, we choose to work with designers who will work with us. We train our consultants to be able to interpret individual whims, dreams and wishes to enhance the beauty of the bride.  You may choose to make style changes such as raising necklines, switching skirt styles, adding or removing beadwork or embroidery, making an off shoulder neckline, changing the fabrics and countless others.  Fit changes include customizing for non standard body measurements, changing length through the body and skirt, adjusting the bust for a larger or smaller cup size, etc.  The majority of our gowns need no alterations from the moment they arrive.

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