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The Water is Drinkable

Do your whites become slightly yellow after laundering? Is the Brightness of your Colored garments fading? Or, do you smell a lingering odor in your garments?

That is all because of water quality, particularly in Jakarta, the water is not suitable to use, or even to launder clothes. Washing clothes with inferior quality water requires an excessive amount of detergent to remove stains from your items. The result after just two washes will initiate the immediate deterioration of your garments. This is an unfortunate result from water containing a high PH value. Couple that with the increased amount of detergent, and it is a recipe for the fading of your Bright Colors. Smell an Odor in your freshly laundered clothes? That is also an unfortunate result of contaminated water infested with Microorganisms and Bacteria.

At JEEVES we use a state-of-the-art High Quality Water treatment system for treating our water. The water we use is of superior quality and you will immediately see the difference in your precious garments. ALL the water we using to wash is pure and Drinkable! Proof that premium quality water is better for your clothes and even better for you.

(Jeeves Central Processing Unit  Jakarta Indonesia)