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We  clean and restore curtains, carpets, rugs, upholstery and cushion covers according to the individual requirements of the fabrics.  Moreover, we accept sofa, luxurious carpet, baby clothes, and toddler clothes as well which need high hygiene intensity.

Your households properties such as rugs an carpets usually have some common problems include:

– Dust Mites – Did you know that each dust mite molts several times in its life, producing 200 times its waste and will lay 300 eggs. Each mite produces 40 to 100 feces pellets per day. The mite’s droppings are coated in an enzymatic, slimy substance which after drying becomes mixed with other particles forming household dirt.

– Spots – Spots, if they are not removed quickly after they occur, can become permanent ruining your expensive carpeting investment.

– Pollen/Allergens – When pollen wanders into your home in the spring and fall when the windows are open they can get trapped in  your carpet torturing allergy sufferers.

– Worn, Soiled Traffic Areas – If soil is allowed to get ground into your carpet over a period of time they can become permanent and will begin to break down carpet fibers.

– Animal Dander – Pet hair and dander get caught among carpet fibers and can make visitors allergic to pets miserable.

JEEVES uses a two-step cleaning process because leftover cleaning agents can attract dirt making your carpet appear dirty shortly after it has been cleaned. That’s why our two-step steam carpet cleaning system includes the use of a pH balancing fiber rinse to remove any leftover cleaner along with all the dirt. This leaves you with cleaner, softer, and more beautiful carpet.

Carpet cleaning can involve many individual steps and combinations thereof. In steam cleaning processes, they may include the following:

1. Pre-vacuuming – to remove loose, dry soil prior to wetting the carpet

2. Pre-treating, or pre-conditioning – to break the bond between soil and carpet fibers.

3. Pre-spotting – to aid spot removal by utilizing appropriate solutions.

4. Stain or restoration treatments -to utilize extraordinary measures to achieve satisfactory results in exceptionally difficult cleaning conditions.

5. Rinsing and extraction- to flush out soil, spots and soap residues while neutralizing ph to minimize re-soiling and speed the drying process.

6. Fiber protective treatment – to inhibit re-soiling by creating a fiber surface more difficult for soil to adhere to.

7. Grooming – to speed drying and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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