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Down & Feather Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing all down & feather goods, Including: down/feather jackets, feather/down pillows and more.


“Down” is the soft fluffy undercoating that traps the body’s natural warmth. “Feathers’ are two dimensional and have a shaft. While the structure of down provides for greater lofting and insulation value, the structure of feathers provides greater support.


There are three things that can harm down a feather pillows:

  1. Compression – This one you really can’t do anything about, given that merely using the pillow compresses the contents within. Compression, over time, slowly crushes the all-natural fibers that make up the filaments that radiate from the center of a down cluster.
  2. Moisture – The ultimate enemy of down is moisture. Whether that moisture comes from the down not being properly dried during manufacturing or moisture from improper cleaning.
  3. Oil – Slowly and surely the oils from your moisturizing creams, facial creams and most importantly the oils from your skin will penetrate through the shell of the pillow and become absorbed by the down. Aside from reducing the use of night creams and moisturizers, or looking for double-shell designed pillows, you can only reduce the gradual process.


HYPOALLERGENIC:  Down or feather goods must be sterilized and super-cleaned, when your down & feathers start to omit an unpleasant odor, this is a sign of moisture build-up containing dust mites and bacteria. To prevent this before it occurs, your pillows must be cleaned properly and regularly.


At JEEVES, we use the most advanced machines with ozone and ultraviolet rays to exterminate germs, bacteria and dust mites. First we wash your pillow covers with the same treatment as washing garments. With the latest technologically advanced cleaning system, your down & feather goods will be safeguarded from dust mites and extend the life of your down and feather pillows.



(JEEVES Central Processing Unit – Jakarta Indonesia)