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In the year 1969, Sydney Jacobs opened up the original Jeeves shop of Belgravia Square, in the heart of London’s prestigious embassy area, just a few blocks away from Buckingham Palace.

Inspired by the legendary Jeeves of P.G. Wodehouse fame, Mr. Jacobs wanted to provide a service reminiscent of the old-time valets the gentleman’s gentleman.

The kind of service modern laundries and dry-cleaners were unable to provide. Jeeves reputation for unparalleled service and spotless quality grew rapidly. During the 70s services were expanded and in 1974, the company was registered and authorized to sell franchises in foreign countries.

Today, Jeeves of Belgravia’s spotless service, attention to detail, and technical know-how is preferred by people from all over the world, London, New York, Hongkong, Bahrain, Singapore, Manila and Jakarta.

Coming to Jakarta

Jeeves established in 1996  as the drycleaning and valeting service of choice for everyone concerned with the care of their clothes. Jeeves’ service is an essential component in the care of quality fashion labels and the choice of high street designers.


Today, Jeeves has several branches at strategic location in Jakarta and Surabaya to serve their customers better. If you live outside of Jakarta or Surabaya, just send us your clothes with any special instructions. They will be cleaned and beautifully packed before being posted back to you under the expedition company’s insurance scheme.